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Grand Plaza Beachfront Resort Wedding – Jen and Ian – by Tampa Wedding Photographer

Many Tampa wedding photographers would agree that Grand Plaza Beachfront Resort (known mostly as Grand Plaza Hotel around here) is probably one of the most recognizable landmarks of St Pete beach, mostly due to its unique tower-like shape. It is also one of my favorite hotels to shoot at – I love the bright and roomy penthouse suites (which are excellent for the “getting ready” shots), gorgeous reception halls overlooking the Gulf and of course the beach, with its stunning sunsets.

I blogged about Jen and Ian’s St. Pete Engagement Session earlier and today I’d like to share few of my favorite shots from their wedding day.

The ceremony took place at a small but very beautiful Church by the Sea. One unusual aspect of shooting there was the fact that photographers aren’t normally allowed near the sanctuary during the service. That meant I had to remain in the back for the entire duration of the ceremony. Fortunately, we knew the rules well in advance and I was prepared. Using the upstairs and shooting mostly with powerful zoom lenses I was able to “get” so close that one couldn’t tell by looking at the pictures that there were any restrictions at all.

After the ceremony we headed back to Grand Plaza for the bridal party pictures. We started out in front of the hotel and continued on the beach. It was still pretty hot outside so we decided to postpone the bridal portraits until around sunset time. During the reception I kept an eye on the horizon and as the sun was about to disappear we came out to the beach and shot a very nice series with the sunset. When shooting around Grand Plaza I also like working the hotel into the pictures, which is best done at twilight. The light is magical but you have to work fast as it doesn’t last long. Finally, as we thought we were almost done, the sky over the Gulf turned orange-red, so we took few more shots and headed back to the reception.

The rest of the evening was a lot of fun as well – dancing, cake and, of course, a lot more dancing. Congratulations Jen and Ian and thank you for letting me be a part of your most special day!

St Petersburg Wedding Photographer Grand Plaza Wedding 18

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Robert - Atlanta Wedding Photographer - Excellent lighting in the sunset photos, that must of took some high flash power to overpower the Florida sun. The wedding looked like a blast.

maureen cassidy - AWESOME!!!! Love it all..
That last shot is so fun!!! It wraps up your post so well!

Brian - Wow! Great capture on that last image! Fun and beautiful.

Davis Island Garden Club Wedding – Sarah and Fred – by Tampa Wedding Photographer

Many Tampa wedding photographers would agree that when it comes to wedding venues in Tampa – the Davis Island Garden Club is truly a gem! A short drive away from downtown, this beautiful spot has got it all – perfect location, gorgeous surroundings and stunning views of Tampa skyline. This place definitely has something very unique about it. It’s right in the middle of everything, yet feels very secluded. I guess in part it’s because of the location – Davis Island is literally just a ten minutes drive from Channelside. However, it is mostly a home to a large residential community with very few businesses.

Photo opportunities around the club are limitless – lots of beautiful greenery in front of the main building, few old trees in the back, inter coastal waters just behind the gazebo and of course, the gazebo itself. If time right (read: later in the afternoon), one can shoot there for hours and never run out of ideas. I think we easily spent 30-45mins with Sarah and Fred (and their bridal party) after ceremony and took lots of fun pictures. The girls were very enthusiastic about picture taking, Sarah had few ideas of her own and I was happy to bring in my own artistic touch into the process.

As reception began, Sarah and Fred waltzed into their first dance as their friends and family formed a circle right in the middle of the hall. The sun was setting down and its light was sneaking in through the windows of on the west side of the building which created very romantic atmosphere. I switched my flash off and tried to capture the mood as Sarah and Fred continued with parents dances. Dinner, cake cutting and lots of fun dancing followed. As I was leaving the party I walked outside and was amazed by the view of downtown at night. I couldn’t resist and took few more shots which made an excellent ending to the album.

It was very hard picking just few favorite shots… I did my best, but I feel that I could easily pick twice as many and still not show all that I loved.

Davis Island Garden Club Wedding Photos Sarah Fred 1

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REB6studios Videography - Awesome job you did here!

Tweets that mention Davis #Island #Garden #Club wedding - beautiful South Tampa venue - -- - [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wedding Photographer, Vadim Photo. Vadim Photo said: #Davis #Island #Garden #Club wedding – beautiful South Tampa venue – [...]

Mike Spinak - I just looked through a lot of your photos. Very nice. Chic style, bright colors, and well caught emotions. Well done.

Surrey wedding photographer, Richard Galloway - Great work – you’ve captured some wonderful emotions and the couple shots are stunning!

Vadim Photo Experience – Tampa Wedding Photographer

I’ve had this idea of creating a “behind the scenes” video of my photo sessions for quite some time, and recently I finally got the opportunity to do it. Many couples told me that our photo shoots were awesome experience for them, something they have not done before and never expected it to be so much fun. So I thought it would be great if I could give a sneak peak of what it’s like to my blog guests.

This was a one year wedding anniversary photo session for one of my couples, whose wedding I photographed in October of 2009. It lasted close to two hours and we covered a couple of different locations: Ybor City and Tampa Downtown (Curtis Hixon Park). The session was a lot of fun and we ended up with tons of great shots.


I would like to thank Dinara and Johnny for letting me use their session to create this little video as well as David of Trinity Wedding Video for doing all the camera work. Photography and video-editing by Vadim Photo.

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St Petersburg Engagement – Jen and Ian – by St Petersburg Wedding Photographer

While Tampa is an awesome place for photo sessions of any kind, our neighboring St. Petersburg can be just as much fun. I love Tampa for it’s contemporary feel – lots of cool architecture, historic Ybor City, UT campus with downtown skyline – all are very popular photo shoot locations among Tampa wedding photographers. But every time I get a chance to shoot in St. Petersburg – I really enjoy its charm and character. Vinoy, Beach Drive with all the little cafes and restaurants, Museum of Fine Arts, The Pier are all withing walking distance from one another and provide such a variety of photo opportunities for any occasion – wedding, engagement session or even just family photo shoot.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing the engagement, and later on the wedding, of a great couple – Jen and Ian. They both live in St. Petersburg and enjoy everything about it. Naturally, we decided that it would be a perfect place for their photo session. We started out at one end of the Beach Drive (by the Vinoy resort) and slowly made our way towards the Pier. I was amazed how diverse downtown St. Pete is – highraises on one side, the bay on the other, with lots of alleys and greenery in between. You can never run out of ideas shooting there.

The session was a lot of fun – Jen and Ian got really into it pretty much right away – they were posing, jumping, laughing and seemed very relaxed. I think we easily spent a couple of hours and by the sunset, ended up with tons of great shots. Here are few of my favorites, and stay tuned for the pictures from their wedding (coming up next).

St Petersburg Engagement Photos JenIan 2

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Tampa Engagement Session – Maria and Alex – by Tampa Wedding Photographer

Prediction – very soon Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is going to become Tampa wedding photographers favorite spot, if it hasn’t already. Shooting in downtown of Tampa has always been a lot of fun – it’s urban feel provides an excellent setting for bridal photo shoots, engagements and even wedding portrait sessions. But with the addition of this wonderful park, I can not think of any reasons to go anywhere else! All you need for great photos is right there – the great sloping green lawn, fountains, seat terraces, highrises as a backdrop, not to mention multiple traditionally popular downtown photo locations just a block or two away.

Curtis Hixon was where we started with Maria and Alex last weekend, couple of hours before the sunset. And while I could easily shoot at that park for two hours and never run out of ideas, we decided to mix it up a little. Alex wanted to take some pictures in Ybor, while Maria preferred University of Tampa’s campus. Luckily, both places were nearby so we managed to cover both.

First, we went to Ybor and walked down the 7th Avenue, taking few photos here and there, having fun, stopping at a cigar shop and their favorite La Creperia restaurant. From there we drove to the University of Tampa campus, where we took some awesome pictures by the Hillsborough river with downtime skyline in the background at twilight.

Enjoy these pictures and stay tuned for their wedding this December!

Downtown Tampa Engagement Photography - Maria Alex 1

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Jason Collin - I like the lead shot Vadim and then the twilight shots with them on the wooden dock at UT with Tampa in the background. I like the one leg bent, other leg straight pose too. Did you just learn that one?

Surrey wedding photographer, Richard Galloway - Love these engagement shots – the couple look like they’re having fun and really enjoying the shoot. Great work!

Joanna Foster - Your photos are very fun!! These engagement pics are just great.

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