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Tampa Wedding Photographer’s many hats – MacDill Air Force Base (AFB) Wedding

I am often asked how I like being a wedding photographer. I love it! To me of all the types of photography, wedding photography is the most exciting one! Why? Because of its dynamics. No one wedding in Tampa Bay is like another. Each and every one is defined by the individuality of the bride and groom, their relationship, the energy and of course the locations they choose.

The fact is, on the day of your wedding, we wedding photographers get to wear many different hats. We act as photojournalists, portrait photographers, product photographers, on-location photographers, party photographers, and the list goes on. Take, for example, your typical wedding:

As I arrive at bride’s suite, first thing I usually work on is creating beautiful detail shots of bridal gown, shoes, bouquet, veil, rings – exactly what commercial product photographers do. Next comes candid photography: capturing the excitement of bride and groom getting prepared for the wedding, their families and friends joining them for the first time that day, final touches of makeup, guys straightening their ties – that’s right, I’m wearing my photojournalist hat. From here we switch to family and portrait photography. Posing the bride for a portrait which her mom, future husband and probably all members of both families will keep on their desks, walls, wallets probably for decades to come – you guessed it, portrait photographer!

During the ceremony we’re pure photojournalists. We’re there to tell the story as it unfolds, without adding anything to it. But once it’s over – studio lights come out. It’s time for formal pictures – family, friends, bridal party, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas – as the coordinator calls out names and next group of relatives gathers around bride and groom, it’s amazing to observe how several generations of each family unite in every photo I take. Oh yeah, forgot to mention – group portraits photographer’s hat is on my head.

On-location photography with bride and groom after the ceremony is always fun no matter where in Tampa Bay area we are. While their guests enjoy pre-dinner cocktails, we sneak away and spend 30-40mins shooting romantic portraits of just the two of them. This is probably my favorite part of the day – editorial pictures, candids, closeups, in motion, kissing/hugging, standing/running – a little bit of everything!

During the reception, the style of photography returns to candid and photojournalism. I capture the reception itself, the beautiful details at the reception site and the dining hall, table arrangements, cake cutting and first dance. After that – the party begins and party finally, my photographer hat is on. Often the last hat for the day, but definitely the most festive one!

Here are just a few samples of the shots I mentioned above, each one representing different style of photography, yet all together – telling the same story. Enjoy!

Megan and Jonathan Wedding (Macdill AFB Wedding Photography)

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Don Cesar Engagement – Monique and Yader

This was a fun engagement session in a fun place at not so fun hour. Just kidding, of course it was a fun hour – 6:40am on a Sunday morning. What else would you rather be doing this early?:)It all started when Monique’s, Yader’s and my schedules just couldn’t quite line up for a beach sunset shoot. We had to shoot on a Sunday but Yader would have to leave the town way before the sun set. Photographer’s secret: here in Florida, we try to avoid shooting outdoors between 10am and 6pm at all costs, especially on a summer day. Brutal heat, bright sun and harsh light aren’t really our friends. So we decided, if we cannot do sunset, why not try sunrise? Cool breeze, soft and almost magic light, empty beach – absolutely gorgeous setup for a beautiful romantic photo shoot. See for yourself:

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Jason Collin Photography - I like the umbrella and the over his shoulder looking at her face shot. I can understand about the sacrifice to wake up early for the sunrise, but it is ALWAYS worth it!

Would you consider sharing the camera/lens/strobe settings for each shot for the EXIF data geeks like myself to read?

Tampa Wedding Photograper’s welcome!

Hi Everybody!

I haven’t really blogged since I established VadimPhoto, but it’s never late to start, right? I have lots of material I’d like to share with you – some of it recent, some from not so distant past, but I’ll try to keep it interesting and exciting. I am inviting you on a “behind the scenes” tour of our industry – visit the places I shot at, enjoy the weddings I celebrated, get to know the couples I worked with and learn a secret or two about wedding photography in beautiful Tampa Bay area.

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Galina - Well, it’s about time!
I’ve had your website in Google Reader since… I don’t remember when :) – Can’t wait to see updates! :)

Jason Collin Photography - I look forward to reading your insights and experiences Vadim. Thanks for sharing!

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