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Fred Ball Park Portrait Session – Emily and Cory – by Tampa Wedding Photographer

South Tampa has lots of great spots for photo sessions of any kind – weddings, engagement or family portraits for that matter. Earlier this week I’ve had the pleasure of shooting a Christmas Portraits session with Emily and Cory (and their cute dog Beans). They picked Fred Ball park on Bayshore and it turned out to be an excellent location – quiet, with lots of shade, beautiful gazebo and right next the water. I was already familiar with it as I’ve photographed Liz and Brandon’s bridal party there last Spring.

I met Emily and Cory at the park about an hour before the sunset and we started with some pictures of the three of them. Beans’ patience ran out rather quickly, but by then we already managed to capture few very cool photos. At that point Beans volunteered to watch my camera bag while we proceeded with the portraits of Emily and Cory alone. We shot in the park for a little while and then walked out onto Bayshore for few more fun photos before the sun disappeared behind the horizon. Despite the cold evening weather we had a lot of fun and I hope the pictures shows it. Here are few of my favorites, enjoy!

Fred Ball Park Photos Emily Cory 12

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Sirata Beach Resort Wedding – Katie and Andrew – by Tampa Wedding Photographers

Many St. Petersburg wedding photographers name Sirata Beach Resort as one of the favorite places to shoot at. Located on St. Pete beach strip, next to Don Cesar and Grand Plaza, this resort indeed offers lots of opportunities for creative photography. Yellow colored building with white terraces, curving stairwells with complimenting fountains on each side create a gorgeous backdrop for bridal photos. Today I’d like to share with you Katie and Andrew’s wedding which I’ve shot at the Sirata last July.

When I arrived, Katie, her mom and four of her bridesmaids (all of which turned out to be her sisters!) were just starting to get ready. I began taking pictures right away, trying to capture the mood and the emotions of the entire family. About half hour into it I ran downstairs and caught up with the guys as they were about to leave for the church. Few portraits of Andrew alone following by few with the guys and I was back with the girls. Final touches, a couple pictures of the entire family and we were ready to head out.

The ceremony took place at the St. John’s Church, which was only a couple of miles away from the resort. We arrived there with a little bit of time to spare, so I had a chance to take some nice detail shots of the church interior. I loved how well lit it was inside. Also, they didn’t have any restrictions for me to move around so I managed to get lots of great shots from different angles.

After the ceremony we had almost an hour for some fun photography. We started with the entire bridal party and then did some cool portraits of just Katie and Andrew together. Mid day sun was pretty brutal, but we manged to find some shade here and there. That’s actually one of the things I like about Sirata – if the sun is blasting on one side, you can shoot on the other side of the resort and vice versa. Katie and Andrew were quite excited about picture taking and brave enough to pose even in the open sun, but I didn’t want to “melt” them before their party even began:)

Reception was held at one of the reception rooms upstairs, with gorgeous views of St. Pete beach and surrounding areas. Everybody was dancing and having a good time. Around sunset time we walked out on the beach for the sunset shots. I don’t think we had clear sky that evening, but even with the clouds the sunset looked quite dramatic.

I realized that I never posted any of my album layout samples (other than Regina and BW wedding). This time, I’d like to share with you some of the album spreads instead of individual images. These are few of my favorite spreads from Katie and Andrew’s wedding album. Enjoy!

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Jason Collin - I like that inside the limo shot Vadim! Very nicely lit and rich detail (tonal contrast adjustments?).

I like the 3rd from the top layout best, where there is the flower bouquet on the left, a center in box photo, then a reduced opacity image of the bride on the right…..was there a page template like that in Fotofusion or is it one of your custom ones?

Mattison’s Riverside Brandenton Wedding – Kevin and Karis – by Tampa Wedding Photographers

In my last post I shared several pictures from Karis and Kevin’s engagement session at the Demens Landing Park. Today I’d like to show you few of my favorite shots from their wedding.

The ceremony took place at the Longboat Island Chapel on Longboat Key. I’ve shot around Bradenton area before, but this was my first time on Longboat Key. Just like many other Tampa Wedding Photographers would, I always welcome opportunities to shoot outside Tampa Bay area. The chapel itself was very beautiful. Light blue and yellow wood colors complimented Karis and Kevin’s wedding theme, which was navy blue and dark gold.

Right next to the chapel, there was a gorgeous white gazebo, surrounded by lots of trees. I suggested we headed there for the family pictures after the ceremony and everyone loved the idea. Afternoon sun light was so nice and soft that we ended up shooting some portraits of Karis and Kevin there as well, before heading to their reception at the Mattison’s Riverside restaurant.

I love it when couples are into picture taking. It’s fun documenting what’s going on during the “Big Day”, but I also enjoy tremendously those mini photo shoots I get to do with the bride and groom during the time between ceremony and reception. That’s when I create the kind of pictures couples later print on canvas, enlarge for their parents or put on the cover of their albums. With Karis and Kevin we had plenty of time for such session. We simply walked down the 1st Avenue, stopping at different locations, shooting and having fun.

As the reception was about to start, we decided to check out the room and were stunned – it looked amazing. I took few photos of the setup before the guests started walking in. Introductions, first dance and dances with parents were very emotional. As everybody sat down to eat I worked on getting some nice pictures of the cake for Karis and Kevin’s album. The rest of the reception pretty much revolved around the dance floor – everybody danced and had really good time. Alright, enough said, let’s see some pictures you might say – here they come. Enjoy!

Tampa Wedding Photography Karis Kevin 1

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Seattle wedding photographer - Kirk Mastin - I love this series of images. Your work really stands out and is quite inspiring for me, a fellow wedding photographer in Seattle.

Jen and Ian Canvas Print – by Tampa Wedding Photographer

Earlier I blogged about Jen and Ian’s wedding at St. Petersburg’s Grand Plaza hotel. That evening we were fortunate to catch an awesome sunset on St. Pete beach. We shot quite a few great photos, but one of them turned out especially nice and the couple felt it deserved to be made into a canvas print. I snapped a picture of it before the canvas was shipped to Jen and Ian, here it is:

St Petersburg Wedding Grand Plaza Canvas Print

This print looked absolutely stunning. It’s made out of highest quality materials – archival ink, UV coating and as far as fading goes – it is rated to last 100 years.

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Photographers - Your images and blog are just fantastic. I’m a portrait and wedding photographers in San Jose, I know that it’s difficult photographing outstanding pictures. I’ll be back to see more! Mike-DWF

Pandya Indian Wedding Photographer - Wow, that canvas came out really nice. St. Petersburg beach is a very cool place to shoot, I am sure your client will love the wrap. Do you mind me asking what size it is? Maybe an 18×24?

Ybor City and Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park Anniversary Session – Dinara and Johnny – by Tampa Wedding Photographer

This was actually my first photo session at the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. When Dinara and Johnny approached me with the idea of an anniversary shoot, we were considering either downtown Tampa or Ybor City as possible locations. Both are very popular spots among Tampa wedding photographers. Few days prior to our session I happened to be in downtown Tampa, and as I was driving by the new Museum of Art I saw that the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, along with a portion of the River Walk, have been finally completed and looked simply amazing. I pretty much knew right away that we absolutely had to incorporate it into our photo shoot. Dinara and Johnny loved the idea and that’s what we ended up doing.

Since I also wanted to record this session on video (to make a short “behind the scenes” clip), I thought it would be a great idea to use at least a couple of different locations – different in style, different in feel. Since part of the shoot was going to take place in downtown, I decided that Ybor City would provide exactly the contrast I was looking for. Being a very popular place for engagement as well as wedding photography in Tampa, Ybor offers incredible variety of photo opportunities. I love its architecture, love the narrow streets, old buildings, little cafes, restaurants, cigar shops – love everything about it.

That Sunday I met Dinara and Johnny in Ybor City where we began our photo session a couple of hours before the sunset. One of the nice things about both downtown and Ybor is that you don’t have to go far to find variety – just walk a block or two in any direction and you get completely different scenery. Anyway, after about 40 or so minutes of fun in Ybor, we jumped into our cars and drove over to the Curtis Hixon Park, which was just a short ride away. We stayed at the park until the sun was gone and ended up shooting lots great pictures. In this post I’m including just a few of my favorites; however, A LOT more can be found in this VIDEO.


Ybor City Wedding Dinara Johnny 1

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sue rakes - what a great couple having fun and being dramatic! I love your use of light and the interaction of this couple….really well done!

Amy Siniscalchi-Plano Family Photographer - These are great! The location seemed like a great one for the couple. Very dramatic and fun. I love how they incorporated their dog too!

Jason Collin - That fountain is a great prop/background Vadim!

Did you have to talk them into going into the fountain or were they happy to do it?

Vadim - Thanks Jason, they were happy to do it after told them they had no other choice ;-)

Pedro - Excellent work. I love the angles that you used. You are a master on making any location be a great location!!!!

Surrey wedding photographer, Richard Galloway - Great couple shots – love the B&W one of the bride leaning back against the railing; great composition.

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